A-xperience, digital innovation power. The Roncaglia Group presents the new A-Class Mercedes-Benz.
Posted by Gruppo Roncaglia | 14/10/2015

Innovate, innovate, innovate. Always. Few things are certain in communication, but one is more certain than others, whoever doesn't improve is left at the starting point.

With this warning in mind - guiding all our projects - we created the last digital campaign for Mercedes-Benz Italia, the launch of the facelift of Class A. A cutting-edge project to capture a target of the most demanding, the Millenials. Young consumers and very young people, fully digitized and social centric, for whom the classic levers of product communication are not enough to generate interest and involvement. This is why Endeavour Digital Marketing and Hubble Tech, Web agency and software house of the Roncaglia Group, combined their skills and creativity to give life to a project unique of its kind, able to create a multisensory experience made of interactive videos and music, of great impact.

Thus A-xperience was born, the first Mercedes-Benz site where, from your character profile, you can set up the perfect soundtrack for a trip aboard the new Class A.

A cutting-edge challenge from the technical point of view, which was won by one of the first examples of video-based interaction (extrapolated from the campaign's commercial broadcast on TV), with the active integration of Spotify. It was, in fact, a close partnership with the most famous music on demand streaming app which allowed to combine a song for each selection made by the user on the site - interaction with the video to find out details of the new Class A product - up to the creation of a customised playlist, freely downloadable at the end of the experience. All this connected to a competition that gave users the chance to win 500 Spotify Premium subscriptions.

"In our history of innovation it is a recurring feature. It is written in our DNA", says Armando Roncaglia. "This project testifies in a very strong way, precisely the constant drive towards what is new and has not yet been done by others that characterises us as a group and that is increasingly recognized as our hallmark".

The operation also featured on Instagram using all the new ad formats made available in mid-September by the platform: carousel, video, cinemagraph, link ads and panogram. Once again, a new creatively engaging way to get in touch with the specific target that in just two weeks saw a 50% increase of Mercedes-Benz followers. This result, combined with the numbers obtained from A-xperience (200,000 visits in 14 days and more than 2,500 members) made the whole operation a success across the board.

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