Listening to the Web. This is the new drift of the brands according to Gruppo Roncaglia
Posted by Endeavour | 08/07/2014

The story is simple and starts from the web. Few days ago, Rudy Bandiera, blogger and digital influencer, publishes a call to action on Facebook, followed by a video on YouTube, asking the community to support him in asking for a new car, after the accident that destroyed his old one. The news soon becomes viral, moving from contact to contact, until it generates a dedicated hashtag and collects requests addressed to several brands of the automotive sector, which are solicited by the social people to help the unlucky Rudy. In just few hours #UnaMacchinaPerRudy [#ACarForRudy] is re-Twitted by the half of the Web. And this is when smart Italia and Endeavour Digital Marketing come into play, calling a halt to the matter with a meme: ‘@RudyBandiera, per un anno a te ci pensiamo noi!’ [‘@RudyBandiera, for the next year we will take care of you!] says the tweet, which goes with the meme with the new hashtag: #UnasmartPerRudy [#AsmartForRudy]. 

The news rise an outburst of passionate comments that, in record time, from Twitter and Facebook reach the newspapers (La Nuova Ferrara and, newspapers of Ferrara, the city of Rudy Bandiera, Ed.). This means that, maybe for the first time in Italy, a company made its ability to listen to the Web a real time marketing action and a winning brand awareness.

Armando Roncaglia, leading the Group and the seven companies that synergically work together, comments: «Another great prove of the fact that, every day more and more, being able to understand and manage the languages and the dynamics of the new media has a strategic role for the brands. The web, and especially the social networks, has revolutionised the way of ‘doing’ communication and who cannot understand this dramatic change is condemn to stop and stand still. Only combining different and complementary professional skills is it possible to catch all the opportunities, with a united strategy at the service of the brand».

Just in 48 hours the numbers turned out to be amazing: 1.199 tweets and re-tweets, 158 posts and comments on Facebook, 17 posts on blogs, 4 videos on YouTube and 9 articles on news portals for a potential reach of nearly 50 million of users and more than 2,6 millions of Total Impressions on the smart Italia Twitter profile.

The new flow has started. Thanks to smart Italia and Gruppo Roncaglia.




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