Big data and social media: The Roncaglia Group takes its experience to Bocconi University.
Posted by Gruppo Roncaglia | 06/10/2015

What regulates the success of an initiative on social media? Are there rules that allow you to predict the number of interactions of a tweet or the success of a communication strategy on Facebook? What is the relationship between content and form and what do users on social media really care about? Bocconi Research Camp on Big Data and Social Media tried to answer to these questions during an event dedicated to PhD students from around the world, organised yesterday by the University of Milan. Speakers included some of the most influential foreign academics and ...the Roncaglia Group.

The Agency was in fact invited - the only extra academic entity - to provide its experience in using innovative social media used as best practice to understand how to create structured social identities, distinctive and recognizable, for its customers.

"A very interesting opportunity for comparison between two worlds, university research and ours, completely permeated with" life on the field ", that do not always manage to communicate with each other", said Paolo Roncaglia, Administrator of Endeavour Digital Marketing, web & social agency of the Roncaglia Group. "Bocconi University is a benchmark of excellence in academic circles. So when we received their call to provide our experience in this exclusive event, we accepted with pride. As a Group engaged in the forefront in the search for innovative communication solutions, we knew we could make a concrete contribution, completely empirical, in support of the analysis models that the world of academic research is developing. Ultimately, it was nice to see how approaches seemingly so far apart, actually need each other's confirmations to reach a precise understanding of the dynamics that underlie the flow of communication and relationship between users, consumers and users of services on social networks. The two worlds are undeniably converging".   

The case studies developed in the last 18 months for Mercedes-Benz and smart, were appreciated very much by the students and researchers from around the world:

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