The Roncaglia Group grows with Mellin.
Posted by Gruppo Roncaglia | 21/11/2014

The partnership between the Roncaglia Group and B2X - Ised Group for the development of eCommerce projects, created My Mellin Shop, the first online shop of Mellin branded food products for children.

On behalf of the Roncaglia Group there was the collaboration of Endeavour, for the look and feel of the site, Ultra, for Media online planning and Lindbergh, for CRM strategy and structuring the promotional plan. Furthermore, the group will also take care of maintenance of the site and of all CRM and promo activities and sales support.

My Mellin Shop is not only an online store where mothers can buy specific products for feeding their baby with confidence, but it is also where they can get advice for a balanced diet: in fact, there is a "nutritional section" with video recipes and ideas to prepare simple and nutritious dishes, accompanying the growth of children in their first three years of life.

The project signed the success of the alliance between B2X and the Roncaglia Group who together, have developed an eCommerce model that can provide simultaneously e-business enhanced technology services, marketing, logistics and assistance to consumers thanks to the expertise of B2X and the communication and marketing strategies of the Roncaglia Group that, with a consumer oriented approach, uses business intelligence and profiling models helpful for achieving the identified target. is the second project by B2X and the Roncaglia Group after the development and launch of the portal And there are new projects in the pipeline.

"I'm very happy," adds Armando Roncaglia, "because the Group is entering into another strategic communication sector where technology and innovation are essential. I am equally pleased with our partnership with B2X, a leading company with almost 350 people, which will allow us to become, even in e-commerce, a benchmark for the market. Our commitment to innovation doesn't leave us any choice: we are destined to always look ahead, to always keep a foot in the future, making it available to the market and our customers, like we have always done, combining eight different companies under one roof, working in complete collaboration between them".

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