Lindbergh and Unieuro make you discover the passion that you didn't know to have.
Posted by Lindbergh | 05/10/2015

SGM distribution, former owner of the historic Marcopolo brand and now owner the Unieuro brand, for the second year running chose Lindbergh for the creation and management of its loyalty programme.

In line with the new positioning of Unieuro,"we are in the emotion you feel when you live technology", Lindbergh decided to set the new loyalty programme by telling the human side of technology together with Unieuro customers, because today a brand cannot be detached, but should behave just like a person, through everyday conversation, less commercial and more "social".

Social means participation and this loyalty intends to value the active contribution of all Unieuro customers, going from "testimonial" to "witness", because the opinion that matters most is the customers'.

Hence Unieuro Club the new loyalty programme of Unieuro that allows customers to earn points and gain advantages both at the over 400 participating stores and on the site dedicated to the operation

The dedicated website allows customers to earn extra points through a Gamification path called I Love My Passion.

The Gamification path proposed to Unieuro customers involves interaction with 5 macro areas, referred to as 'Passions':

  • I Love Travel
  • I Love Sharing
  • I love Cooking
  • I love Care
  • We Love You

Every passion, inside, allows customers to interact with the brand, proving themselves through engagement activities: from quizzes to user-generated content. Also the creation of your avatar becomes an opportunity to play and accumulate points. Special badges reward how often you visit the site, read the newsletter, makes purchases with partners, and more.

All gamification activities allow customers to earn points to be used to request prizes, complete missions and achieve badges.

With Unieuro Club - I Love my Passion, Lindbergh marks an important new stage of its growth and positions itself more and more on the market as one of the most specialised agencies in the creation of loyalty programmes and consumer engagement.   

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