Describing the Mille Miglia on Periscope. The challenge won by Mercedes-Benz and the Roncaglia Group.
Posted by Gruppo Roncaglia | 22/05/2015

One year ago, Mercedes-Benz Italia inaugurated its Twitter profile talking about the Mille Miglia, the legendary competition that takes place between Brescia and Rome and back. 365 days and 50,000 followers later, the Mille Miglia is still the stage of choice to represent the indissoluble bond between tradition and innovation that is the hallmark of the brand with the Star.

A bond that the Roncaglia Group has chosen to emphasize creating a unique experience, the first in Italy, of storytelling through Periscope, the live streaming app launched in late March.

The project, developed in partnership with Twitter Italia, was born with the aim of telling the story of the competition in a way that had never done before, documenting with interactive streaming the race, characters, places, emotions and passion of millions of spectators and onlookers who lined the streets at the passage of vintage racing cars.

Thus the first Periscope car was created, a car entirely branded Mercedes-Benz and Twitter, which followed the race throughout the over 1,600 km from Brescia to Rome and back, describing the competition and places visited with continuous live links.

A journey that the ambassadors Joe Violanti and Pierluigi Pardo- supported by the Endeavour Digital Marketing team, Web and social agency of the Group - described with warmth and professionalism, involving users connected and answering live to comments and questions.

"Innovation is always looking ahead, without losing sight of your own history and especially with your mind focused on the objectives", in the words of Armando Roncaglia. "Describing the Mille Miglia and what this extraordinary competition means for Mercedes-Benz, using a new media like Periscope, with an unconventional language as required by live interactive video, was an exciting challenge for us and for Mercedes-Benz Italia, a milestone in the way of communicating the brand".

The initiative's success went beyond expectations: the 15 Live videos made totalled over 20,000 likes and enabled the first Periscope channel of Mercedes-Benz Italia to reach 830 members in just four days, at the same time driving up the engagement of MBI on Twitter by almost 900% and allowing the brand's tweets to occupy the top ten positions in the ranking of the most engaging "chirps" about the #MilleMiglia, 325,846 organic views and about 9000 interactions.


The initiative was cited by Twitter as an example of seamless integration between brand content and interests of users. Quote: "Stay top of mind with an always-on content strategy on Twitter. Drive engagement by connecting your brand to practical, daily moments people share about their cars. Give people a reason to Tweet by creating brand moments and real-time experiences like Mercedes Benz did with its recent Periscope coverage of the #Mille Miglia, a vintage car race across Italy".

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