smart VS Citroën: real time social battle
Posted by Gruppo Roncaglia | 20/06/2014

An action of perfect social media management. That is how the action of real time marketing was hailed by the community of experts and enthusiasts which Gruppo Roncaglia’s team had made for smart Italy with the aim to put a new emphasis, ironic and scratchy at the same time, on the distinctive features of the ForTwo: size and ease of parking.

The info came from a tweet of Citroën Italy on the formula for a perfect parking starring the new C1, the city car of the French brand, to which the social team of the Roncaglia group have thought to give adequate answer, by showing the timeliness, strategic vision, knowledge of the medium and creativity.

After a few days, Martini also decided to tease the social team of automotive brand. The response of Smart was swift, by involving another well-known brand, San Carlo to the conversation.

All the rest is history, as evidenced by the tweet between Smart and Citroën which have aroused the comments enjoyed and admired by the professionals and users which got dramatically increased in a single day – that is how long the social guerrilla activity is - the number of new follower of smart and the engagement on the profile, generating a buzz online about what has been called the first social contest between Italian brands.


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