Breastfeeding is natural - Save the Children.

Signed by UrukLab, the awareness campaign on the importance of breastfeeding by Save The Children, online since 1 August, during the World breastfeeding week, consists of 3 episodes of a web series that deals with the issue a in light, ironic way, playing on the combination contrast between fantasy and reality (how you would like the problems and dynamics related to breastfeeding to be perceived and how they are really perceived).

Each episode explores and highlights a different aspect characterising the breastfeeding issue: the difficulty and fatigue related to breastfeeding at night (episode "Rude awakening at night"), the discomfort that mothers may feel when they, sometimes, breastfeed in public (episode "In public") and the definitely unsexy and unattractive objects (from the male perspective) used during lactation (episode "Misunderstandings").

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