Roncaglia Group joins IAB Italia.

The Roncaglia Group becomes part of IAB Italia, the Italian charter of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the most important association in the field of digital advertising worldwide.

Established in June 1998, IAB Italia brings together the leading operators of online advertising in Italy and now represents the benchmark in the industry with regard to the definition and application of standards, the development and dissemination of data and information on the sector, research and measurement. The goal of IAB Italia is to contribute to the development of the advertising market on the Internet in our country, promoting a broader and deeper understanding of the opportunities and mechanisms in new media.

"Becoming part of IAB Italia represents for us a recognition of the commitment and dedication that, as a Group, we always put in the development of innovative communications services", in the words of Armando Roncaglia Chairman of the Roncaglia Group . "Over time, we have accepted and won all the challenges that digital has placed before us, each time raising the bar of our goals, knowing that only by continuously innovating can we remain independent and competitive, ensuring the best possible service to customers. Values ??that IAB Italia recognizes and promotes and that allow us to identify fully with the mission of the Association". 

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