Mercedes-Benz confirms the assignment for the Digital and CRM activities to Roncaglia & Wijkander.

After a long and difficult competition: "The Business Game", which involved a number of agencies, Roncaglia & Wijkander were awarded the Mercedes-Benz budget for the management of digital activities for product launches, social media marketing and direct marketing for the Mercedes and Smart brands.

It was an important confirmation for the Roncaglia Group after the hard work in the past three years; work that thanks to the strong component of strategy, innovation and creativity, helped the brand with the star to become a benchmark in automotive digital communications.

The Roncaglia Group's growth, therefore, continues and, thanks to the continuous acquisition of the best talents from different communication fields, to major investment in training resources and, above all, to relentless pursuit of innovation, it is a reference point for companies seeking an agency capable of leading the communication process in synergy between its components, optimizing the results.

"Our heart carries on beating with 4 cylinders", - says the Chairman of the Roncaglia Group, Armando Roncaglia- "but this time, 25 years of experience in the automotive market were not enough for the award of the tender. The bars are always higher and innovation is the real competitive factor; today, investment in research and development is the lifeblood that keeps us alive and makes the difference between one agency and the other".

"But the victory is not only ours" - continues Armando Roncaglia - "everything we did in these three years of work, all the hits, all the communication prizes won, were the result of integrated work between agency and client. A good agency is not enough to be successful; you need a customer able to seize opportunities and ride innovation. So congratulations also go to the Mercedes-Benz marketing team which developed a close-knit, winning team game".

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