Smart & The Jackal a very successful campaign signed by Uruk.

In an era when advertising has moved to the Web, is it important for a brand to present its flagship product online? Is it useful to involve digital influencers to create buzz around the campaign? The answer is yes and a prime example is the latest smart Italia campaign, which for the launch of the new Fortwo and Forfour and to present the innovative features of the German city car, chose URUK lab, new born seeding agency of the Roncaglia Group, a tool designed to make the dissemination of content on the web available to customers. 

But what is seeding? What does an agency like URUK lab do specifically? Literally, it's the same as sowing and it's an activity aimed at providing creative content to the web, through a network of bloggers and influencers, with the aim to have it published in their blogs, websites or forums to generate word of mouth, thus triggering its viral dissemination. In other words, the 'seeding' activity can be compared to media planning in traditional communication, with a much larger potential. 

To achieve the best possible result in terms of viral dissemination of the content published, for the smart campaign we involved the Jackal, well known personalities of video parodies created by them, with the intention of staging a hilarious web series in which the talent stars based in Naples, who started with Youtube and have more than 50 million views to their credit, are the protagonists together with cars. This viral marketing operation, which reached and successfully exceeded the targets set, was aimed to communicate to users the launch of the new smart and the first online booking portal for cars,, where you can book your car with a few clicks.

Thanks to the intense and widespread seeding activity planned by URUK lab and to the wide fan base of the Jackal, the promo and five original episodes, online from 3 February on YouTube, generated more than 1 million and 350,000 views, exceeding four times the initial goal of the client, with a +296% of guaranteed views. A good investment considering the results obtained. More than 18,000 likes for the video on YouTube, over 14,000 likes for the content shared on Facebook and a wide press coverage in blogs, industry portals and online newspapers. 

"By producing a viral video, we can present the brand and spread the campaign on the web, pushing our content on the web to intrigue the public, inviting users to participate in the same campaign – explains Salvatore Tomasello, Managing Director of URUK lab - The goal is to generate word of mouth, thus triggering the viral spread, maximizing communication and marketing results".

Nowadays, communication tends to cross the boundaries of traditional advertising to explore alternative media and methods, with surprising results. Increasing investment in viral marketing by companies belonging to various sectors, from automotive to fashion, passing through food, are proof of this, a trend that the Roncaglia Group has been capable of exploiting, giving life to Uruk lab, eighth agency of the group. 

"The web, and in particular social networks, have revolutionized the way of communication, video advertising is the future and those who are not able to ride this change are likely to remain far from successful. – explains Armando Roncaglia - You can get to seize the immense opportunities that this sector offers only through the combination of up-to-date professionalism. To think that every month, only on YouTube, videos are displayed for six billion hours, gives you an idea of how many opportunities there are for companies that, with courage, decide to try their hand in this field, reaching a vast audience whose interests, gender, age, and geographical origin can be easily profiled.

The Roncaglia Group immediately embraced the new smart - The Jackal combination, firmly believing in the viral potential of the combination and, on the side-lines of the success of the campaign (the first episode of the web series already in the first 48 hours racked up more than 300,000 views), its foresight was confirmed. That's right, you can really find everything on the Internet "Now even a Smart".

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