Roncaglia: 2015 with a turbo thanks to 10 new acquisitions. URUK for viral content is founded.

In a highly competitive market, where competition with large international groups and other names is ever increasing, the Roncaglia Group never stops running and in the first four months of 2015, it struck important new business and continued with investments in innovation.

As you may know, the independent Roman Group is one of the most important companies in the Italian communications panorama, characterised by the ability to understand and anticipate market trends.
To learn about all the novelties of the Roncaglia Group, we had a meeting at our headquarters in Via Copernico 38 in Milan, with the Founder and Chairman Armando Roncaglia and a new entry, Sasà Tomasello, head of Uruk the new company of the group dedicated to viral spread of video content.

As Roncaglia explained into our microphones, in 2014 the Group took on new professionals and created new internal companies, following its founding principle to anticipate the launch on the market of innovative services already spread successfully in other parts of the world.

The mix of human resources and technological innovation developed last year enabled the Group to acquire, in the first four months of 2015, assignments from prestigious clients. Like a project for the promotion of 'member get member' and online communications for Hello Bank!, the BNL online bank, the CRM of Volkswagen Business Vehicles and promo initiatives and incentives for Revlon.

And starting this year, the Group will manage social media activities for Zoomarine and Veratour as well as being re-confirmed for the loyalty initiatives of Unieuro (formerly Marcopolo Expert) and being chosen by Boccadamo, a company dealing in luxury craft goods, which joined the other brands in the fashion industry we have in our portfolio.

The Roncaglia Group also participates in the Mercedes-Benz digital game of which it is incumbent agency. "Based on our knowledge gained over the last three years on this important customer, we made strategic and creative presentations to the best of our ability and with the integration in communication that characterises our Group", explains Roncaglia.

Also new for the Group was the launch in late November of URUK, a new company for viral spread of video content headed by General Manager Sasà Tomasello, already operating at full capacity in the first months of 2015.

Uruk is part of the broader organisational architecture of the Roman group, structured in two main areas: one dedicated to the new frontiers of digital communication and one to traditional communication, both supported by specialised companies like Uruk itself. A company with a meaningful name, originating from the city in Mesopotamia that was the birthplace of the alphabet and, therefore, of communication itself". Uruk is a platform to serve our clients and represents a major innovation because again it integrates the professionalism of our companies, more and more horizontally and vertically synergistic among them", explains Roncaglia.

The structure directed by Sasa Tomasello, currently employs three professionals and already has partnerships with major clients such as Fox, Generali and smart. Indeed, for the automotive brand, recalls the GM, the project created for the launch of the new smart achieved amazing results and, instead of the 350,000 views initially promised to the customer, 1.5 million views were generated, obtaining a ROI almost four times higher than what we had guaranteed.

In a media context in which company communication is moving towards alternative media and social media, stresses Tomasello, Uruk addresses companies with a new language and, exploiting the potential of the web, it leads to the creation of communication flows that create a high ROI for customers, especially in terms of engagement or CRM.

This sophisticated technology platform requires a special creativity, emphasizes Roncaglia, since the viral spread of video content requires the use of specific languages ?and formats, far from those of a classic TV spot. Again, said the Chairman, behind our ability to guarantee customers the incisiveness of messages disseminated on the web, there is the synergy between the various companies of our group and the contribution of its creative department.

The mechanism at the base of Uruk is simple: once defined the strategy together with the customer, we produce and distribute on the web a video that is immediately promoted by a network of bloggers and influencers and spread virally by a series of initiatives made to generate curiosity among users and, therefore, views. The platform also allows to split viewers and those who have visited the customer's site and these valuable data are conveyed to the area of the Group dedicated to CRM in order to continue the effectiveness of the advertising activity even after the planning period.

Shifting the focus to the Creative Department of the group, after the recent exit of creative directors Arturo Vittorioso and Arnaldo Funaro, the rudder passed in the hands of Carla Leveratto but, anticipates Roncaglia, the department will grow with the entry of new professionals with different specialisations resulting from the arrival in the Group of the new customers mentioned above.

The new acquisitions will be formalised shortly, says the manager. And just to manage this growth that Roncaglia defines 'impetuous', the Roman group is redesigning the internal organisation and the organisational flow between the various companies.

To finish, we asked Roncaglia what assets make the Group so competitive and attractive to companies?

"They like our mix of innovation, performance and integration between disciplines that allows customers to make horizontal projects on all levels of communication", says the Chairman. Adding, "This formula implies continuity in the client - agency relationship".

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