URUK tells about Alexandra Alberta Chiolo on American market through Kickstarter.

URUK Lab describes the project of a fashion start-up, Alexandra Alberta Chiolo spa, through the design, implementation and dissemination on the Internet of a video for the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the distribution of its first product, the Albertine, on the US market and the launch of two special editions.

Women love shoes, as we know. They are never satisfied and would always like to have more of them, also this is well known. What not everybody knows is that with Albertine every woman can have many, many pairs of shoes in very few moves, just with one click. It is the designer in person, Alexandra Alberta Chiolo, who describes with a video, the project born from her desire to combine her two passions for fashion and travel. Women wearing Albertine are dynamic women, always rushing between work and leisure, but without renouncing to be fashionable and living up to all situations, always with the "right" look.

Alexandra Alberta Chiolo tells us in detail about her shoes, about the refined craftsmanship made in Italy, about the mechanical coupling and uncoupling of the three elements of the shoe, upper, heel and platform sole (with only two models of the upper there are two models of heels and platform soles - of two different heights - each available in 30 colours, for a total of 3600 possible combinations) and about attention to design and the elegance of the packaging.

The video shows the times of day when you can wear the Albertine, the many occasions of use and various outfits that can be matched.

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