enelpremia 3.0




Enel Energia’s community that rewards everyone’s energy


“Giving more people access to energy; introducing new technologies to the world of energy; raising awareness on energy-management; using energy in new ways; opening up to new partnerships”.

This was Enel’s Open Power strategy’s objective and the starting point of Enelpremia 3.0, a loyalty program that has now become an active community.A space where Enel, alongside its clients, is a leading actor thanks to its vast array of activities and positive actions whose objective is that of improving everyday life.  

Replicating the first edition’s winning model, Enelpremia 3.0 invites all members to participate through monthly edutainment and infotainment activities in order to earn energy points and, above all, to take care of the environment they live in, changing their habits if necessary.

Each user can develop Mobility, Tourism, Wellbeing and Environment abilities that define their path and their role in the community. 

A downright call to action, not only on the website but especially in everyday life, to be on the front line with both one’s own energy and the brand’s. Towards an ever-innovative and sustainable present and future. 

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