We Love California




Volkswagen California family reunited by a unique event

The “We Love California” gathering was held once again this year. The event is dedicated to all owners of a Volkswagen California and other Volkswagen camper vans who gather at a camp site to share their passion over the weekend. The theme of this year’s edition was the Circus; its characteristic lights and spectacular nature turned out to be perfect to engage both children and adults in a weekend of family time on board their camper vans.

With its own logo and a well-defined identity due to its clear reference to Circuses, the activity was also conceived based on advices offered by users to give the Volkswagen California community a sense of belonging. For example: some users were called to help Volkswagen chose the best location for the gathering.

The event also opened its doors to 4 influencers with a passion for travelling and cars. In fact, they were invited to join the We Love California community and test the vehicle. 

This two-day celebration was characterized by enthusiasts who danced and enjoyed themselves participating in circus-related workshops, making Volkswagen California’s big family even more unique. 

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